Flemish reform programme 2017

On 31 March 2017, the Government of Flanders approved the Flemish Reform Programme 2017. It is the seventh reform programme drafted by the Government of Flanders.

Flanders is committed to sound public finances (country specific recommendation 1) and thus frees up capacity to invest in new policies. The Government of Flanders takes a range of employment and education measures (country specific recommendation 2) to increase the employment rate. With both investments in research and innovation and investments in transport and energy infrastructure, Flanders responds to country specific recommendation 3 on innovation, investment and competitiveness. Besides that, the Flemish Reform Programme describes other Flemish measures to bring us closer to the realization of the ambitious Flemish Europe 2020 objectives.

The social partners (within VESOC), the Flemish Parliament, VLEVA and other stakeholders were closely involved in drafting the Flemish Reform Programme 2017. This way, the Government of Flanders responds to the European Commission's call to involve as many stakeholders as possible in the preparation of the reform programme.